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The home-office work balance - what works for you?

Thu 04 Jun 2020

The home-office work balance - what works for you?

According to new independent polling commissioned by the British Council for Offices (BCO), just 1 in 5 office workers plan primarily to work from home in the future. And only 16% hope that working from home will be the new norm. It seems that many of us miss the buzz of working in the office.

Richard Kauntze, Chief Executive of the British Council for Offices, said: “Lockdown has prompted a great deal of speculation about the end of the office. However, this polling shows that just because people can do something, it doesn’t mean they will. The office remains popular because we are social beings, who work best together.

“Certainly, the way we work will change. Mixed working will probably become more popular and some of the stigma around working from home will fade away, with people working from home more than they used to. However, the office will remain our most popular place of work. Rumours of its demise are much exaggerated.”

Mike Ayton, Chair of the BCO East Anglia sub-chapter, said: “Whilst the office of the immediate future may not look the same with social distancing measures in place and reduced occupational densities, the consensus view is that the office is still an essential element of the business or corporate environment. The need for social interaction, teambuilding, collaboration and the generation of new ideas that emanates from this are simply too important to be cast aside. And the concentration of biotech and tech clusters in the Cambridge region also requires specialist accommodation, but still within the broad definition of an “office”, for those sectors to operate efficiently.

“The COVID-19 lockdown has taken away freedom of choice but as restrictions ease, office workers will want to be able to have the right to choose a balance between home and office working and in time, a new equilibrium will develop.”

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